Who we are

Dr. Morrissey is a native El Pasoan and a lifelong chiropractic patient. His fascination with natural medicine began in a Chiropractor’s office. He saw things that were amazing to a young boy and quickly decided that his would be a life of service. After graduating high school Dr. Morrissey enrolled at Texas Tech University where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Animal Science. During his time in Lubbock he learned the fundamentals of science as well as the art of working with people from all walks of life. Dr. Morrissey’s work ethic drove him through college, at one point he was on 4 different payrolls! Immediately upon graduation, Dr. Morrissey began working as a junior manager for a large agricultural production company. While working in the corporate world he strove to learn all he could about successful business practices and more importantly, how to cultivate talent and inspire people to be their best.

Sensing that he was being called to a higher purpose, Dr. Morrissey left his corporate job after one year and enrolled at Palmer College of Chiropractic Florida Campus. While the accelerated program at Palmer Florida was challenging, Dr. Morrissey maintained a positive attitude. He delighted in picking the brains of his professors, seeking wisdom and striving to learn from their experience. When he had a little spare time Dr. Morrissey could be found fishing in one of the many local rivers, swimming in a crystal spring or engaging his classmates in discussions of philosophy near the BBQ grill.

During his final quarter of chiropractic school Dr. Morrissey returned to El Paso for an internship with a local Chiropractor. With this exciting opportunity Dr. Morrissey’s Chiropractic journey had come full circle. Dr. Keith had been treating Dr. Morrissey and his family for over twenty years! Those amazing events that literally changed the course of Dr. Morrissey’s life became everyday occurrences as he worked to improve the lives of his practice members.

Dr. Morrissey is immensely proud to serve the people of his hometown of El Paso. He is continually studying in order to expand his knowledge and stay on the cutting edge of natural healthcare. When you are in Dr. Morrissey’s office he guarantees that you will be treated with dignity and respect. When you come to Mesa Hills Chiropractic you will be treated like family (or better!).

“My obligation to serve my practice members is something I joyfully accept. When I am treating people and serving my community I am fulfilling my life’s purpose.” – Dr. Will

In his spare time Dr. Morrissey can be found working in his garden or walking with his wife and dog around the neighborhood. He also enjoys camping, hiking and quietly communing with nature.

Dr. Morrissey is honored and humbled to have the opportunity to serve the people of El Paso and the Southwest. Let us show you what excellence in natural healthcare looks like.